Live Salsa Band From NYC

Avenida B


Stacey Paulin - Atlanta, GA

Lucia Nogueira - San Diego, CA

Rodrigo & Wendy - Charlotte, NC

De'Jon & Clo - New Orleans, LA

Kat Arias - Washington DC

Brian Le - Washington, DC

Ace & Ciara - Washington, DC

Sentimiento Dance Company - Baltimore, MD

Jennifer Geyer - Charlotte, NC

Orlando Machuca, Jr. - Washington DC

Luis & Jess - Los Angeles, CA

Essie & Daryl - Washington, DC

Michael Germain - Atlanta, GA

Sarah Zuccaro - Chicago, IL

Veronika Robinson - Charlotte, NC

David Campos - NYC, New York 


DJ Mambo Soul - Maryland

DJ Corwin - Utah

DJ David Campos - New York City, NY

DJ Thaddeus Bogney - Charlotte, NC

DJ Tay - Pittsburg, PA

DJ Joel Rodriguez - Columbia, SC

DJ Victoria - Charlotte, NC

DJ KevLar - Richmond, VA



Stacey Paulin - Atlanta, GA

Alejandro & Rosalia - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wendy & Rodrigo - Charlotte, NC

D'Jon & Clo - New Orleans, LA

Luis & Jess - Los Angeles,CA

Jennifer Geyer - Rumbao, Charlotte, NC

Brian Le - Washington, DC

Salsa With Boris Junior Team - RVA

Dance for Life, Richmond, VA

Claves Unidos -  Richmond, VA
The Brand RVA - Richmond, VA 

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The RVA Salsa Bachata Congress is proud to present the Second Annual RVA Collegiate Dance Competition. To date, we have five Universities participating in this event.  They are the College of William and Mary; University of Virginia; Virginia Commonwealth University; James Madison University; and George Mason University. The Collegiate portion of the Congress will take place on Saturday, September 7th at 12pm.  During said performance, each team will be judged on fundamentals, technique, poise, stage presence, and artistic creativity. The judge panel will consist of three judges all of whom will be professional and competitive dancers that are not affiliated with any of the competing universities or the Congress.

Come out and support your favorite team!

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