RVA Salsa Bachata Foundation


  • Youth Community Dance Programs: We offer a variety of  dance classes to build a foundation of love for the arts as well as embracing the beauty and creativity of Latin dance through diversity and inclusiveness. Currently, we are partnering with The Sacred Heart Center, where we work with children ages 4 to 18. Classes are offered in English as well as in Spanish.

  • The RVA Collegiate Dance Competition: in our efforts to promote and encourage our youth to engage in culturally diverse activities such as Latin Dancing, we host an Annual RVA Collegiate Dance competition that takes place during every Annual RVA Salsa Bachata Congress. In 2018, we had five universities participating in this event. They are the College of William and Mary; University of Virginia; Virginia Commonwealth University; James Madison University, and George Mason University. The 2018 Collegiate Dance Competition Champion is James Madison University.  

  • Diversity and inclusion forums through Latin Dance Workshops: We offer corporate dance workshops. These workshops include a presentation on the history and culture of Salsa dancing. During these workshops, we stress the health benefits of dancing as well as being part of a diverse community.

  • The RVA Salsa Bachata Foundation Public School Dance Program: The mission of this program  is to train K-12 student participants to a level of proficiency in dancing salsa to enable them to participate in performances and competitions. As a by-product of training, participants will develop the poise and self-confidence necessary for program activities and will be eligible to compete for scholarships offered by the foundation. Currently we are partnering with Lakeside Elementary School which is part of the Henrico County Public  School system. Our program has approximately 50 fifth graders who meet four (4) times a week for four (4) weeks.

  • RVA Salsa Bachata Foundation Dance Team:  The Foundation has its own dance team, which is available to perform for various organizations and at special events throughout the Richmond metropolitan area and in other localities around the country. The team consists of selected volunteers who are accomplished dancers and who have embraced the Foundation's mission of spreading the benefits and love of Latin dance. Because of their enthusiasm and commitment, they serve as extremely effective ambassadors for the Foundation and have been instrumental in promoting Latin dance wherever they have performed.

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